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Click here for important announcements from Milford Food Service for the 2023-2024 for school year.


We use PaySchools to pay student lunch fees ONLY.  All other school fee payments will be paid through EZPay.

To set up your PaySchools account: 

     Go to PaySchools Central. 

     Click Register.

     Complete the information on the next few pages.

       NOTE: When you get to the "District" questions - scroll down and choose Milford EVSV.

     If you are unsure of your student's ID number, please call the office and we can assist you.


Free and Reduced Lunch Application coming August 1st. 

     ***Please note: 

        Families who feel they may qualify for the free'reduces meal program DO still need to apply for the new school year. Only students with an approved application will carry over for the first 30 school days of the next school year. Approved applications are also neeed to qualify for various school programs and funding including waivers for instructional school fees, etc. 


For the Middle School menu for the school year 2023 - 2024 please click here(coming soon)

Middle School Lunch Prices for 2023-2024           

     Regular Meal - $3.00      Super Meal - $3.50     Deluxe Meal - $4.25

     All Reduced Lunches - $ .40.         Milk - $ .60                                   

Lunch Times 2023-2024

     Grade 8 - 11:10 am - 11:40 am

     Grade 7 - 11:43 am - 12:13 pm

     Grade 6 - 12:20 pm - 12:50 pm


Milford Food Service 

Tina Reynolds BS, School Nutrition Specialist
Director of Nutrition Services

Kim Gregory
Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

Responibilities: Applications, onsite reviews, Payschools

Elora Edwards

Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

Responsibilities: Menus, allergens, nurses and training